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There are a lot to lines in drawing and an artist can use them to portray different things to the viewer. Having an understanding of a variety of line styles leads to success. Lines can be used to convey emotions, show hierarchy, and direct eyes to the focal point.

Curvilinear & rectilinear lines

Curvilinear lines are curvy and free flowing. They create a soft, natural feel.

Rectilinear lines are geometric in style. They are straight and clear with pointed angles. These lines create a harsh and energetic feel.

Implied or actual lines

Actual lines are made to be clearly noticed.

Implied lines are where the viewer can complete the image with their imagination.

Drawing every detail of a subject is not always necessary. People’s brains are capable of making up the rest of the picture with only a few suggestive marks(implied lines) to work with. The hard part can be knowing what marks to include and exclude. It can be fun seeing how little you can draw while keeping the overall artwork understandable to people.


Based on the line quality and character you can express emotion.

Lines express different moods based on the following:
Thickness and thinness
Fluidity or rigidness
Lightness or darkness

As an example: a thick, dark, rigid lines might be used to portray something scary. Whereas thin, flowing lines can be used to portray something feminine or delicate.

Lines used as value

Value is the lightness or darkness. By hatching or crosshatching lines you can express different values.

Hatching is just drawing a series of short parallel lines in a row within a shape. The closer you put the lines together, the darker the value. Cross-hatching is done by drawing two sets of parallel lines that intersect.

Contour lines or outlines

Contour lines = outlines. They are the border around shapes and shadows.


Understanding and practicing these various types of lines and techniques will lead to good work.

I am so terrible at drawing I have no idea what I’m doing. But as I look at some good drawing work I’m starting to realize what goes into it. Excited to practice and get better. Drawing is the shit.

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